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By Robbin Laird with Kenneth Maxwell

After the outbreak of COVID-19, the pandemic set in.

And with that pandemic, the living generations simply ignored their past.

It has been and is a daunting experience hopefully living through COVID-19; but the simultaneous attack on Western culture and history nicely coincides with the pandemic so that we can lose site of the nature of the human condition which is struggle and challenges, not stasis.

This certainly was true for the English settlers coming to the United States.

Coming to Virginia and the Carolinas was not for the timid.

The odds were that if you did not die on the voyage, you would die in the new world, either from disease, starvation or Native American attacks.

It took a special type of person in a certain historical generation who would defy risks to found English colonies..........MORE


New books reveal how an author's family history research took an unexpected turn

Author and historian Brooks Miles Barnes of Onancock, an early reviewer called it 'an engaging and useful work which kept my attention throughout

An author from Tiverton who set out to research the genealogy of her family has published the first biography of a 17th century shore settler.

10 years ago, Margaret Rice set out to research the genealogy of her family, the Chappell family of Exeter.  

They were a prominent family of merchants and mayors of Exeter who flourished in the reign of Elizabeth I.

But her research trail took an unexpected turn.


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